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Choose Between Stained and Stamped Concrete

The value of a residential property improves considerably when you add concrete and provides low maintenance. And you can take a step further by using stained and stamped concrete designs that suit your taste. You can have all these done by CEMCO Construction Corporation.

The company will seal the concrete after pouring the concrete in and applying the color that you pick. Using concrete can reduce the effort, money, or time from taking care of your patio, pool deck, driveway, or sidewalk.

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Why Choose CEMCO Construction Corporation?

Services of every commercial concrete are a benefit for any business. And you can have an upgrade on the parking lot, repair the concrete floors if damaged, and maybe install new sidewalks, ramps, stairs, etc., with the help of CEMCO Construction Corporation. Here are some reasons that can help you consider choosing CEMCO:

  • Safety and Reliability – This is what you can expect from CEMCO, and the job is carried out with complete quality and guarantee.
  • The Experience – The years spent in the concrete profession supports the company in providing you quality work.
  • Innovation – Having a change of taste? CEMCO offers innovative ideas to renovate any of your properties.
  • Low-Cost – Planning on a price that is close to your Budget? CEMCO Corporation understands your situation and will compromise with the price.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Residential Concrete

As mentioned earlier, the value of your residential property dramatically improves when you add concrete. They also provide the option of low maintenance for your patio, pool deck, driveway, or sidewalk.

Concrete is an all-around material. And using stamped concrete, CEMCO Construction Corporation can provide elegant designs just the way you imagined in your head. Plus, the concrete will be similar to other materials. Installing a stamped concrete will resemble surfaces such as:

  • Flagstone
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Slate
  • Stone

Adding this concrete increases the beauty of your property and provides the benefits of long-lasting concrete. All these, and you can pick out any design and color you want for the concrete.

  1. Industrial Concrete

If you own a facility for manufacturing products or a warehouse, they require durable and sturdy floors. The floors should be able to manage the weight of the heavy machines and products.

CEMCO offers to provide services to:

  • Repair the concrete that is damaged by your machines.
  • Pour new concrete for your manufacturing facility or warehouse,
  • Replace the damaged concrete by pouring in a new one.
  1. Commercial Concrete

What attracts your company is the outer appearance of your company’s building. Having potholes in your parking lot and damaged or cracked sidewalks will indeed have a negative impression on your customer’s perspective of your company.

Since concrete is versatile, durable, and lasts longer, it is common for any business structure. The company provides services for the replacement, installation, and repair of the concrete to help your business improve on its functioning and look. The concrete is for:

  • Loading and Shipping Docks
  • Machine Pads
  • Parking Lot
  • Patios
  • Warehouse Floors

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CEMCO Construction Corporation executes various concrete projects with guaranteed success. Whether it is a quick repair for residential property or installation of concrete for a commercial area, the company is one you can undoubtedly depend on. And you can expect the finest quality in the final product.


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    Based on 43 reviews.
    frank Smith
    frank Smith
    I gave Cemex & John Bruno a challenging project with a very short time frame and they delivered. I highly recommend this team. We reviewed the project scope, any possible change orders based on unknowns, material costs and any possible issues I may encounter in the future, why it may happen and what should I do if it does happen. His crew was extremely polite and hard working. They took time to answer all my questions and modifications during the project. The result far exceeded my expectation. I will use them again for future projects.
    Steven Varelmann
    Steven Varelmann
    The entire crew was professional and efficient. They removed the old driveway the first day and poured the new driveway the second day. That same day they removed the forms and backfilled with topsoil and grass seed. Very well run company. Would use them again.
    Michael Jamieson
    Michael Jamieson
    These guys are great! Great work done professionally and quickly. I highly recommend these guys, they are the best in the biz.
    Larry King
    Larry King
    John and his crew just completed a 600+ foot extension of our residential concrete driveway. In addition to this, a patio, a large shed apron and a yard swing pad were completed as a part of our project - all in about one week! 400 feet of the drive is on a hill - not an easy job. The crew was great and very hard working - I don't recall seeing anyone sitting down the entire time they were on the job. The crew was polite, skillful and professional too. It's clear to me from my first-hand experience, that John takes care of his crew as well as his equipment - All of the major pieces of equipment that were used on our project were practically brand-new and in tip-top shape - No worries about shoddy machinery breaking down and causing delays. John is knowledgeable, easy to work with, fair and reasonable too - Important qualities to look for when hiring a contractor for a major project. Discussions with John regarding concrete mix design and admixtures were very helpful in fine-tuning my project the way I wanted it done. Based on my experience with hiring Cemex Construction Corporation and also witnessing them in action, I can highly recommend them without hesitation for concrete work.
    Michael Klein
    Michael Klein
    Cemex helped make our vision of a patio a reality. Extremely professional and helpful. We had many questions along the way as this was our first experience with stamped concrete. John and the team were very patient and supportive. We were beyond pleased with the end result. The stamped concrete is so realistic that anyone that sees it asks if it is real stone. The team at Cemex was efficient and had the patio completed within a day and a half of arrival on site. They left the surrounding area very clean. The team was courteous, receptive to questions, etc. We feel that we got tremendous value for the price and would highly recommend Cemex.
    Debra Bruss
    Debra Bruss
    This group of professional, polite, proficient and personable can’t be beat. Add price to the evaluation and Cemex is the no-brainer choice!!!! Wouldn’t have changed a thing since I called them for an estimate until they returned my property to its original status and left me with a driveway that was beautiful , durable and neighborhood consistent. I give Cemex construction 10 stars out of 5!!!!
    Brian Byrne
    Brian Byrne
    Had an old asphalt driveway removed and a new concrete driveway poured. As promised, as delivered and I would recommend
    Deborah Stahler
    Deborah Stahler
    John and team were FANTASTIC! Very timely and professional. Sidewalk was custom design and they worked with us on the final forming to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. Would certainly recommend Cemex !
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