Concrete Installation Services in Shaker Heights, OH

Shaker Heights, Ohio, offers a variety of residential concrete services for homeowners. Some of the services include:


Driveways are one of the most prominent features of a home, providing it with an instantaneous boost in curb appeal. So if your driveway needs repair or replacement due to age or damage, contact a residential concrete contractor today for assistance.

Concrete driveways are the go-to choice for many homeowners due to their strength and long life expectancies. When installed properly, new concrete driveways can last up to 30 years!

When considering installing a new driveway in Shaker Heights Ohio, consulting with a local professional is wise. They’ll know how to properly prepare your property and use only top-quality materials for optimal success.


If you’re searching for the perfect place to unwind and unwind, a patio is an ideal option. Whether it’s just a simple deck or you have grander plans for your outdoor kitchen and dining area, professional contractors can design and construct the space that perfectly suits your needs.

Landscape designers in Shaker Heights will examine your architecture and yard to create a plan for everything from walkways and patios to water features and fences. Additionally, they take into account soil type and climate when selecting plants, trees and flowers that thrive there.

Pool Decks

A well-designed pool deck can create an oasis in your backyard. Whether you want a small splash ledge, multi-tiered deck or something in between, local pavers services, masonry contractors and stone suppliers can assist in realizing your vision.

A well-thought out deck can also be the ideal way to prevent your pool from getting too muddy and attracting pests like mice, raccoons and rabbits. A polyurea polyaspartic coating on the deck is an efficient solution for keeping outdoor spaces free from dirt and grime.


Walkways are often one of the most prominent features in your home, so why not make them stand out with the perfect brick, stone or paver installation?

The ideal walkways are built to last, yet they also create an eye-catching first impression. Whether you want something that adds some visual interest to your driveway or seamlessly fits in with the overall landscaping of your home, experienced stone and masonry companies can assist.

Shaker Heights, Ohio boasts picturesque tree-lined streets and majestic older homes. Additionally, there are two historic districts within the city limits.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide extra outdoor space and give your landscaping a modern, polished look. Not only that, but they also prevent erosion by keeping the beds contained within the garden.

When building retaining walls, there are various materials you can choose from such as concrete block, natural stone and brick. Each has its own advantages that can be tailored to suit your style perfectly.

If you’re considering changing up your landscape, consult with a landscape expert about retaining wall options. They can suggest the ideal material for your property and offer helpful design guidance.


Foundations are essential elements of your home. Not only do they support the frame, but they also keep groundwater out and guarantee your family’s safety.

Concrete slab foundations are a common choice for residential homes. These slabs are usually several inches thick and reinforced with steel rods to provide extra support.

In the northeast, slab foundations can be especially susceptible to frost heave. Pier and beam constructions tend to be more suitable in such regions.

It’s recommended to research and compare different contractors in Shaker Heights to find the best fit for your specific needs and budget. You can also check their online reviews, credentials, and references to ensure you hire a reputable and experienced contractor.

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